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Series 65 Basic Control Valve


The OCV Basic Control Valve 65 Globe and 65 Angle is a full port engineered valve. When equipped with a variety of pilots and accessories, the valve performs a wide range of automatic fluid control, making it a specified valve in municipal water, fire protection, irrigation, industrial, petroleum and aviation fueling systems.
  • The 65 is dependable and hard working; with a simplicity of design that ensures minimal part wear for exceptional performance and longevity.
  • Self-contained, the valve operates automatically off of line pressure.
  • The 65 consists of three major components: body, bonnet, diaphragm assembly.
Power Acutuated

Series Power Actuated Control Valve


The Basic Control Valve 66 Globe and 66 Angle is a full port engineered valve equipped with two diaphragm chambers, sealed from each other by the diaphragm, and isolated from the valve's main flow passage by an intermediate plate. By pressurizing one control chamber while simultaneously venting the other, the valve is positively powered to both open and close.

A large majority of OCV control valves have a single diaphragm chamber and operate off line pressure; more specifically, off the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet ports of the valve. There are, however, conditions that do not lend themselves to such an operation. For example, adequate differential to properly actuate the valve may not exist, the liquid ...

Series 94 Diaphragm Check Control Valve


The OCV Series 94 check valve is a simple on-off valve that opens to allow forward flow when inlet pressure exceeds outlet and closes tightly to prevent backflow when outlet pressure exceeds inlet pressure.
  • Non-surge opening and/or closing when equipped with adjustable opening and/or closing speed controls.
  • Equipped with valve position indicator on all models.

Series 108 Pressure Relief Control Valve


In many liquid piping systems, it is vital that line pressure is maintained within relatively narrow limits. This is the function of the 108 Pressure Relief / Back Pressure Series of the OCV control valves. Installed in the main flow line. the standard Model 108-2 acts as a back-pressure or pressure sustaining valve. In this configuration, the valve maintains a constant upstream pressure regardless of fluctuating downstream demand. When used in a bypass line, the same model will function as a relief valve, protecting the system against potentially damaging surges.
  • Relief: Maintains a constant inlet pressure by relieving excess high pressure.
  • Sustaining: Prevents pressure from dropping below a minimum.
  • Inlet pressure is ...

Series 110 Differential Control Valve


The Series 110 Differential Control Valve is designed to accurately control the pressure difference between any two points. In some systems this means the valve remains closed until pressure differential commands its opening. It is a pilot- operated, modulating type valve which controls pressure accurately and consistently at the desired setting.
  • Opens on increasing differential.
  • Dual pilot sense lines can be valve or remote connected.
  • Differential is adjustable over complete range of control springs.

Series 115 Solenoid Control Valve


The OCV Series 115 Solenoid Control Valve is designed to provide on/off or open/close control of fluids in response to an electrical signal. The valve consists of the basic OCV model 65 with solenoid-operated pilot With the appropriate solenoid the value may be normally closed (energize to open) or normally open (energize to close).
  • The 115 Series provides responsive control in answer to such triggering devices as clocks, timers, relays, probes, pressure or temperature sensors
  • Available for AC or DC voltages.
  • Wider range of sizes and flow capacity than is available with direct-acting solenoid valves.
  • Valves can be equipped with Manual Override solenoid operation.
  • Solenoid feature can be added to other hydraulic ...

Series 118 Surge Anticipation Control Valve


The OCVSeries118/108SA surge anticipation valves are designed' - be installed in a bypass line ant. provide protection against damaging surges that can occur in pumping systems when a pump is suddenly stopped. Unlike conventional relief valves, which open only when a high pressure wave hits, surge anticipation valves sense the precursor of the high pressure wave (pump power failure or low pressure wave) and opens in anticipation of the returning high pressure wave that follows. By opening, the valve prevents the buildup of pressure before it occurs.
  • Electrical power connection to pumping system for opening on loss of power or on a pressure switch low-pressure signal.
  • Valve closes after (adjustable) predetermined time on ...

Series 120 Rate of Flow Control Valve


The OCV Series 120 Rate of Flow control valve is designed to control or limit flow to a predetermined rate, regardless of fluctuations in down stream or upstream pressure.
  • Self contained, including the differential-sensing orifice plate and pilot.
  • Flow rate is field adjustable (within orifice bore range)
  • Extra-sensitive-differential pilot specifically designed for Rate-of-Flow application.
  • Works equally well on all types of clean, non-abrasive liquids.

Series 125 Pump Control Valve


The OCV Series 125 and 126 Pump Control Valves are designed to effectively eliminate the surges associated with the starting and stopping of the pump. Electrically interfaced with the pump motor, the valve opens and closes at an adjustable speed, providing a smooth, predictable transition of pump discharge pressure and volume into the system.
  • Valve opening speed is adjustable to pump and system requirements for smooth increase in pressure.
  • Valve closing speed is adjustable, gradually decreasing pressure to system as valve closes.
  • Valve is interlocked with pump motor to perform unified pump and valve operation.
  • Built-in reverse flow check feature.
  • Valve automatically shuts off pump motor on loss of pump ...

Series 127 Pressure Reducing Control Valve


The OCV Pressure- Reducing Valve is used in many applications worldwide. The primary function of the 127 series is to reduce a greater upstream pressure to a lesser, more manageable downstream pressure, operating without regard to either upstream supply or downstream demand.
  • Reduces higher inlet pressure to a constant lower outlet pressure.
  • Outlet pressure is accurate over wide range of flow.
  • Pilot-operated main valve is not subject to pressure fall-off characteristic of direct-acting PRV's
  • Outlet pressure is adjustable over complete range of control spring

Series 8000 Float Control Valve


The OCV Series 8000 float control valves are designed to maintain a desired level in a tank or reservoir by opening for filling the tank when fluid is below the high level point and closing tightly when the desired level is reached.
  • The 8000 is a non-modulating valve; either full open or full closed. It is available in two basic configurations:
    1. Model 8000, with the float pilot provided separate from the main valve for remote mounting. This configuration is used when the fill line is located at the bottom of the tank.
    2. Model 8000VM, with the float pilot mounted on the main valve. This configuration is typically used when the fill line is located at the top of the tank.
  • All Series 8000 valves include an OCV ...

Series 3330 Altitude Control Valve


The elevated tank, standpipe or storage reservoir is a common and important element found in many water distribution systems: municipal, fire protection, commercial, military and industrial The function of the OCV Series 3330 Altitude Control Valve is accurate, automatic level control, without the use of floats or sensors. Pilot controls for the series can accommodate storage facilities up to 230 feet high, maintaining the liquid level to within inches of a predetermined set point.

The series is offered in two basic types. The Model 3331 one-way flow is used for tank fill only. The Model 3333 allows flow both into and out of the tank.
  • Consistently maintains water level to within inches of set point in tank/reservoirs ...

Series 22 Digital Electronic Control Valve


With the development and proliferation of high level SCADA systems comes the need for automatic control valves to interface with such systems. The OCV Series 22 digital electronic control valves were specifically designed for this task. While retaining the advantages of simplicity and operation from line pressure, these valves offer a level of ease of operating and reindeer of control not nervously achiever.
  • Can be used as part of a SCADA system, or as a "stand alone"
  • Extreme stability over a wide range of flows
  • Useful when set points must be changed frequently
  • Remote set point available
  • Can be used to control almost any process variable
  • Hydraulic pilot backup available
  • Can be configured to accept all common ...
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