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Gammon Technical Products Fuel Sampling Equipment

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The kits pictured here have become standard in the industry for obtaining test samples of jet fuel. With more than 250,000 in service, they have proved to pay for themselves by saving countless hours of downtime because accurate contamination test results are obtained the first time.

In the past, thousands of work hours have been wasted and fueling facilities have been shut down simply because the sampling tap was contributing dirt during the sampling period. Rusty pipe threads, steel gate valves and collections of reducing bushings that never are subjected to fuel flow, except when a contamination test is to be run, have been found to be a prime cause of poor color results when tests are performed to ASTMD2276. Flushing does not clean normally stagnant steel fittings.

The probe penetrates through the pipe coupling that is welded to the pipe. There is no possibility of rust and dirt, that usually collects in stagnant pockets (such as welded coupling), reaching the test membrane.
Non-ferrous materials are used in our kits; All passages are small (0.25 inch pipe size) to insure that there will be enough velocity during the flushing cycle to carry away any sediment that may have collected.

Note: Kit #7T allows pressure sensing and sampling independently through one pipe connection. The probe penetrates all the way through the tee. Sample will never contact the tee. The branch on the tee is for a pressure gage connection; it senses pressure on the outside of the probe tube.

The GTP-144 Probe, at 2.25 inches, is made to reach the center of a 4.0 inch pipe but can be used in any pipe of 2.0 inches or more. The threads on the probe are both 0.25" NPT male (use reducing bushing to come down to this size). Custom probes may also be ordered.

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