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Parker Velcon Fuel Condition Monitoring

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Velcon’s VCA and icount products use technology based on proven principles of light obscuration, refraction and light scattering. Particle counters, also known as Automatic particle counters (APC) measure the size and concentration of contaminants in fluids.

APC’s have been widely used for many years in condition monitoring. However, it is only recently that APC’s have become flexible enough to enable the instruments to be taken out of the laboratory and used on-line in order to obtain the most credible form of results. Portability also allows for use over a wider range of applications and situations.

Parker has developed technology to ensure the APC was able to test a sample without the conventional laboratory technique which requires dilution - a practice that would have been simply impossible with a portable unit.

The VCA is an on-line monitoring system with the capability of detecting solid and liquid contaminants and can be configure to shut off flow when contaminant levels exceeds your define threshold. In addition, the telemetry option allows for remote monitoring on a global scale via cellular network.

The icount particle analyzers are designed for monitoring and testing of solid contaminants. Velcon offers four types of system depending on your application needs. Except for the icountPD, all products can be used as an on-line monitoring system or be completely portable while providing real-time or immediate results with the capability of storing of test results.


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