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Item # item-1102, Series 8000 Float Control Valve

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The OCV Series 8000 float control valves are designed to maintain a desired level in a tank or reservoir by opening for filling the tank when fluid is below the high level point and closing tightly when the desired level is reached.
  • The 8000 is a non-modulating valve; either full open or full closed. It is available in two basic configurations:
    1. Model 8000, with the float pilot provided separate from the main valve for remote mounting. This configuration is used when the fill line is located at the bottom of the tank.
    2. Model 8000VM, with the float pilot mounted on the main valve. This configuration is typically used when the fill line is located at the top of the tank.
  • All Series 8000 valves include an OCV Model 65 Basic Valve assembly and a Model 814 three-way rotary float pilot. For faster operation, valves 8" and larger also include a Model 3600 three-way auxiliary pilot.

Specifications  · Approvals


Flange Standard

ANSI B16.42

Flange Class

150 lbs

Flange Face


Maximum Working Pressure

250 psi


Float Control






Series-8000 Specifications and Dim.
(PDF, 784KB)

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