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Item # item-1104, Series 22 Digital Electronic Control Valve

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With the development and proliferation of high level SCADA systems comes the need for automatic control valves to interface with such systems. The OCV Series 22 digital electronic control valves were specifically designed for this task. While retaining the advantages of simplicity and operation from line pressure, these valves offer a level of ease of operating and reindeer of control not nervously achiever.
  • Can be used as part of a SCADA system, or as a "stand alone"
  • Extreme stability over a wide range of flows
  • Useful when set points must be changed frequently
  • Remote set point available
  • Can be used to control almost any process variable
  • Hydraulic pilot backup available
  • Can be configured to accept all common process signals (4-20 mA, 0-5 volt, etc.)
  • Can be configured for low head pressure applications

Specifications  · Approvals


Flange Standard

ANSI B16.42

Flange Class

150 lbs

Flange Face


Maximum Working Pressure

250 psi


Digital Electronic Control






Series-22 Specifications and Dim.
(PDF, 789KB)

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