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Item # item-1098, Series 118 Surge Anticipation Control Valve

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The OCVSeries118/108SA surge anticipation valves are designed' - be installed in a bypass line ant. provide protection against damaging surges that can occur in pumping systems when a pump is suddenly stopped. Unlike conventional relief valves, which open only when a high pressure wave hits, surge anticipation valves sense the precursor of the high pressure wave (pump power failure or low pressure wave) and opens in anticipation of the returning high pressure wave that follows. By opening, the valve prevents the buildup of pressure before it occurs.
  • Electrical power connection to pumping system for opening on loss of power or on a pressure switch low-pressure signal.
  • Valve closes after (adjustable) predetermined time on power failure or low- pressure opening.
  • Hydraulic, pilot operated, high-pressure relief opening.
  • Uses Surge Commander electronics package (Model T18-4). Hydraulic Model 108SA-3
  • No electrical requirements.
  • Low-pressure opening pilot.
  • High-pressure relief pilot.

Specifications  · Approvals


Flange Standard

ANSI B16.42

Flange Class

150 lbs

Flange Face


Maximum Working Pressure

250 psi


Surge Anticipation Control






Series-118 Specifications and Dim.
(PDF, 789KB)

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